Backyard Memoir

While I look at two year old pictures from my old phone with artificial filters applied to them, to add to the melancholy,  I feel attracted to that time. A hot summers day where I sat outside and wondered whether I would ever become an engineer while the trees around me grew and grew, as if that is what makes time move for the rest of the world, the growth of organisms all over the world in a subtle unison.

The pictures are beautiful. And expressive.

There is a raw texture added by the filters which provides a certain degree of depth to the picture. The dirt all around reveals a randomness to the scene, and to life in general.

Here is another one with a much darker yet comforting tone.

The ugly little stubs on the side clinging to the tree's thick stem, like they are trying to protect it from external threats. And the tall, pointed palm leaves sticking out from the bottom, attempting to climb the large tree, trying to overpower the monster. And the flowers all around looking like innocent young spectators, watching the giant tree and its ascent in awe. An entire world, an entire story right in my backyard.

The funny part is that the backyard is still almost the same, while everything else has changed so much.