Entering the Garden

I am listening to this song called On My Own by a band called Ashes Remains.

Apparently, its a Christian band, which is, I don't know, it doesn't matter much. Actually it does, since its kinda spiritual and that soothes my soul. Unconsciously. I feel safe.

The song isn't that good, but I listened to it a long time ago and I sort of liked it. And now its nostalgic. Not too overwhelming. But in a more subtle manner, almost teasing at a thin glaze of memories from your past life.

Coming back to the garden, which is the title. Ugh. The song ended. I need to put a new one.

Alright, Rude by Magic!.

Now the garden. I think its a beautiful place to start. Look at this.


Yeah, I am trying to be symbolic and everything. Go figure it out. I am not gonna write all of it down. All the subtle metaphors that resemble this first post with the idea of entering into the garden of Eden.

Sure its not the most clever idea.

But, whatever.